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Heaven Slaying Dragon Postscript

“Evening Heaven and Slaying Dragon” is the third part of “Shooting the Eagle Trilogy”.

The heroes of these three books have completely different personalities. Guo Jingcheng is simple and honest, Yang Guo is affectionate and wild, but Zhang Wuji’s personality is more complicated and weak. He is less heroic, although he is generous, generous, and heroic (in fact, he is the most chivalrous, because he grew up on Ice and Fire Island, he does not know the danger of the world, does not value his own interests, so he can help others recklessly), But there are inevitably shortcomings, perhaps, more similar to us ordinary people. Yang Guo is absolutely proactive.

Guo Jing is very stable on the big joints, and Huang Rong needs to push it for small things. Zhang Wuji’s life was always influenced by others, dominated by the environment, and unable to escape the shackles. In love, Yang Guo swayed Xiaolongnv until his death, and regarded social norms as nothing; Guo Jing swayed between Huang Rong and Princess Huazheng, purely out of moral value, and never hesitated in love. Zhang Wuji has always been procrastinated.

For the four girls Zhou Zhiruo, Zhao Min, Yin Li, and Xiao Zhao, it seems that he loves Zhao Min the most, and finally said this to Zhou Zhiruo, but deep in his heart, which girl he loves more some more? I’m afraid he doesn’t know it himself. The author doesn’t know if this is the case. Since his personality has been written like this, all development depends on his personality, and the author cannot intervene.

Zhang Wuji only values the good of others and forgives (or even forgets) the shortcomings of others. People like Zhang Wuji, no matter how good his martial arts, will not be a great political leader after all. Of course, he didn’t want to do it himself, even if he did it reluctantly, he would definitely fail in the end. China’s three thousand years of political history has long clearly put the conclusion there. For a successful political leader in China, the first requirement is “forbearance”, which includes restraining one’s own tolerance, tolerance of others, and tolerance of dealing with enemies. The second condition is “decision and quickness.” The third is a strong desire for power. Zhang Wuji didn’t have half of the conditions. Zhou Zhiruo and Zhao Min both have political talents, but girls with too strong political talents are often not very cute.

In my own heart, I love Xiao Zhao the most. It’s a pity that she can’t be with Zhang Wuji, and I often feel melancholy when I think of it.

So the love story in this book is not very beautiful, although the reality may be stronger.

Zhang Wuji is not a good leader, but he can be our good friend. In fact, the emotional focus of this book is not the love between men and women, but the love between men and men, the brotherly feelings of the Wudang Qixia, the father-son love between Zhang Sanfeng and Zhang Cuishan, and between Xie Xun and Zhang Wuji.

However, when Zhang Sanfeng saw Zhang Cuishan’s grief when he killed himself, and Xie Xun’s sadness when he heard the news of Zhang Wuji’s death, the writing in the book was too superficial, which is not the case in real life.

Because I didn’t understand at that time.


In Zhang Wuji’s character, there seems to be a lack of heroism, but he has given full play to the word “Xia”. “Xia” is not doing righteous things for the sake of pursuing the interests of oneself (including one’s own country, one’s own organization, one’s own relatives and friends). The so-called “seeing injustice, drawing swords and helping each other”, the chivalrous is desperate (regardless of his own life). , Interests, reputation), pursue justice without accepting any price. Zhao Kuangyin sent Jingniang thousands of miles away, but insisted on rejecting the commitment of the beautiful Jingniang because he felt that if he accepted, his righteous deeds would have a price, and it would not be a noble chivalrous act. This kind of value concept is rare in Western society. Westerners often feel that God (or the church) has ordered it to do so, and then do it. The Chinese people’s concept is that if they think they should do this, they do it. It may not be better for the next life, and it may not be for avoiding suffering in hell. The highest principle of martial arts novels is to promote the spirit of chivalry. Heroes often do it for themselves, but knights usually do it for others. With the price, there is less chivalry.

Zhang Wuji was willing to accept the extinction of the master’s Taisan palm, and fought against the six major factions on the top of the light. He was not seeking fame or bravery. He just felt that he should do it, so he would never fight Zhu Yuanzhang to become the emperor.


Because of the complex structure, complicated plots, loopholes and shortcomings of the book “Evening Heaven and Slaying Dragon”, the third revision was performed in a major operation. The main change is that Zhang Wuji did not choose his spouse in the end. I have always believed that history is not destiny, it is full of accidental factors, and so is personnel affairs. Zhang Wuji finally went to Mongolia with Zhao Min and never returned to Middle-Earth. However, if other accidental factors occur, Zhou Zhiruo may go to Mongolia to find him. He may go to Persia with Zhao Min to find Xiao Zhao, or he may have to go back to Middle-Earth alone for the Ming religion. You may also encounter Yin Li in the Western Regions… The world is mainly man-made, and Zhang Wuji only remembers the benefits of others to him, so everyone is good and everyone is cute…

Zhou Zhiruo said to Zhang Wuji, “Just be married and have a baby with her. After ten or eight years, you will only think of me and not let me go.” This kind of sentiment, the little brothers and little sisters are not. got it. So I don’t advocate writing novels for 13 or 14-year-old little sisters.

The review of this book is to imitate the forty sentences of the seven-character poem in the style of Bailiang. The flatness of archaic poems is different from that of modern poems, and cannot be entered into discipline. I am not good at poetry, and it is even more difficult to write archaic poems, which is regarded as a study of poetry. The difficulty lies in the absence of “ancient style”.

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