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Story 86 Interview with the Devil

I am the devil you are talking about. It’s not a high class, but it’s doing something that doesn’t get ignored.
What it is is to buy your souls. If you are looking for a similar job in your world, you will be a salesperson. In fact, buying souls from you is not that difficult. Think about it If there is someone who appears to be helping you when you’re in despair, would you like to refuse help? Of course, you have to give up your soul in return, but not many humans worry about what happens after death. So, once you have only customers, then everything is OK.

But the problem is in a completely different place. As salespeople do, we have separate areas. I would like to say that if there are separate zones, it will not matter at all if they do not invade each other. That’s right. However, even if it is unavoidable to have ambiguous disputes in the border area, the problem is that angels are also active in my area. If an angel passes through the area unfortunately while I’m in business, then I have to start fighting. From then on, they literally go into battle. Strike each other and fight. That is why all the demons who buy souls are from combatants. The angels would likewise be putting fighters into business.
Just yesterday, the moment the customer signed the contract, the angel caught the eye and sprinkled it on the finished rice.

The angel in my area is a guy named Siriel, but what looks ugly at first glance looks like a good fight. What could an angel look like? Tsutsu… Think about it. Angels always surround themselves with light and do not show themselves in detail. Of course, there are many guys who look like angels. Most of these guys are high class, so they’re comfortable guys. Angels also want to know that most of the hardworking workers and fighting fighters look rough. And our demons, contrary to your imagination, are mostly beautiful in high class.

Now, aren’t you curious about where the collected souls are used? In your stories, there are a lot of nonsense stories, but in fact, all the souls collected in this way become the lowest level demons. Did you say Sidabari in your language? Anyway, they usually stand in the front row and become bullets when they are at war. If you’re lucky, sometimes you’ll be served by high-class demons, but don’t like it just because you entrusted your soul to an angel. There’s nothing different about going there. This or that way, you’re just a bullet holder hahaha. That’s why we and the angels use their flags and try to gather even more souls.

Oh, there’s a guy who commits suicide. Wait a minute

Today is a lucky day. I also rescued the soul of the guy who committed suicide. Oh, didn’t you talk?
The person who has the soul of the person who commits suicide without contracting either party is the one who has the first. Look, Siriel’s coming late and mumbling. The reason suicide is stupid is because you can’t choose where to go. If this is enough, your curiosity would have been solved, right?

Now that you have answered all your questions, it’s time to sign here……

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