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Story 103 Are you ready?

Since sometime, the sound of the rain on the floor of the patter has nothing to do sincerely, so I rolled around for a while. Even the seemingly unstoppable rain calms down, and everyone in the house disappears in an instant, and the boredom that reached the drama flows into the craze. I was looking around the room all the time, but I finally pulled out the album I had stayed deep inside the bookshelf. In fact, it was my wish that I didn’t want to open it for several years, but my hands are reminiscent of memories one by one.

Every time I turn the page carefully-I see a familiar person, a person standing on a line that will be forgotten, an insignificant person, an insanely loved … or loved ones. During that moment I laughed, remembered, hated, and cried.

After all, I couldn’t help my habit, as it seemed like my heart was sorrowing as I used to be. As I watched it carefully laid down next to the computer, I reopened the stained album. With my hands stopped at the 13th chapter neatly on the lap, I seem to have observed five people in the 13th chapter for quite some time.

With a sigh coming out of the temple, I silently turned on the computer. As the white screen filled my field of view, I picked up the heart I had next to the monitor in one hand. It’s been a while since it’s been a while, so it seems like my hands are getting hot. I didn’t like the feeling of exercising so hard that my left hand alone could handle it, so I frowned. I felt its addictiveness anew about what it was like to savor the burning heat.

Having been playing for a long time, I picked up two pictures in my right hand, and I crumpled them up to the point of disastrous with all my desperate need. Then he pushed it into the scarlet heart. The computer and the heart were connected with a jack, ignoring the movement to express rejection too strongly. When I run the program located in the second leftmost row on the desktop, pictures that are very crumpled appear. Cancel and Delete shown next to it. When I click Delete for my purpose, it asks me: “Delete ?”

The answer is yes without any worries. It may be an opportunity of’again’, but I still didn’t have the boldness to say no. Unlike my head, I put pressure on my fingers, which stumbled for a while. Soon, there are no more people who have been in love with the insane person who disappeared from the screen. Even my heart, which would have been their last home, was all deleted.

The scarlet heart that was sealed back in the bag and inside the box and sealed in the dark drawer may be a little corrupted later. It’s simple to erase like this, but forgetting it isn’t that simple. As the time for forgetting is delayed, it will be farther from the expiration date, and it is clear that it will turn out to be ugly when you take it out again. If I knew it would be like this, I would delete it earlier, but it seems like it was too hard to change like me.

Having completed all of my purposes without trying to force myself, I stood in front of the mirror in a neat appearance. After washing my face, putting on makeup, and combing my hair neatly, I am even more human after finishing my clothes. Satisfied with my appearance, I took the camera out and held it in both hands.

Then I took a picture of myself in the mirror. After pressing the shutter without a circle so I can’t remember how many times I pressed the shutter, a feeling of collapse and sadness suddenly came. There are so many people who need my photos. But as much as the ones I have deleted, I will someday be deleted from them, missed and forgotten.-It is really sad no matter how much I think about it.

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