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The Big Doting Wife Is a Hot Girl Chapter 2

“Sorry, I… I didn’t mean it!”

An Chenmo pressed her lips tightly without saying a word.

The elevator descended very fast. As soon as he reached the hotel lobby, he quickly walked out. He felt very impatient to stay with such a woman for an extra minute!

Feeling the extremely strong contempt from An Chenmo, Pei Na’s tears of shame and grievance circled in her pupils.

Outside the hotel, a valuable Harley 100-year-old limited edition heavy-duty locomotive stopped arrogantly at the door of the hotel.

On the locomotive, there was a girl with a ponytail straddling her, whose colorful head was as dazzling as a wicked turkey.

A face of non-mainstream smoky makeup makes people unable to see her true appearance, but her tall and absolutely predictable figure is clearly visible because of her tight leather outfit!

The girl kept looking inside the hotel, and when she saw Pei Na’s figure, she quickly greeted her with a helmet.

“Sister, I want to borrow…”

The girl raised a pleasing smile and was about to borrow money, but she saw Pei Na’s face begging for everything.

Her face suddenly darkened, and a shadow of gloom suddenly appeared in her enchanting pupils.

“Mo, I really didn’t mean it! I promise I won’t be like this again!” Unable to ignore An Chenmo’s contempt, Pei Na whispered very humblely.

An Chen stopped short and glanced at Pei Na coldly. “Please call me Mr. Ann! As an actor, you are too unprofessional! If I were you, I would have left!”

The cold sarcasm made Pei Na’s delicate cheeks as white as paper. She stared at An Chenmo, her lips trembled constantly, and she was so angry that she couldn’t say a word.

“Who are you? Apologize to my sister!”

The girl carried the helmet and quickly rushed forward, standing in front of Pei Na like a chicken, looking at An Chenmo angrily.

With her height of one hundred and seventy and her high heels of ten centimeters, she could almost look at the same level as An Chenmo.

The girl clenched her fist and said every word! There is even more fierce energy between the eyebrows!

An Chenmo coldly squinted at the inexplicable little lady, snorted in disdain, and went straight to the nanny car at the door.

Such a person, he disdains it!

“I ask you to apologize to my sister!”

The girl rushed out and grabbed An Chenmo! Inside the dark smoky eye circles, two dark pupils are about to burst into flames!

“Noci, don’t mess around!” Pei Na rushed out and pulled at the corner of Pei Nuoxi’s clothes.

“I’ll say it again, apologize to my sister!” Nosy’s tone was also on the verge of explosion. She’s flat body hardest to see anyone bullying her family, even those who don’t feel good about it!

“Quick roll!” An Chenmo’s face was sullen with cold, and his lips lightly opened, holding back the anger that was about to explode.

Nuoxi was anxious, his eyes suddenly cold, Fei body punched An Chenmo with an uppercut. It’s hitting his jaw!

Immediately afterwards, she rushed up again and grabbed his skirt, raised her fist, and struck her head and face, leaving nothing!

An Chenmo was inexplicably attacked by this little sister, and An Chenmo’s eyes were cold, and he was about to swing his fist, but stopped at the moment he was about to fall.

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