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Story 246 Our god I truly dream of

Before telling this story, let’s make two assumptions. The first is that at least once in your life, there has been a time when you have been unable to endure and get out of some kind of hardship. Second, you have never endured it and eventually asked for salvation from God. Those who don’t apply to both should not read this article.

So let’s start talking. You have certainly wished to be saved by God. Let’s not argue how enthusiastic it was. Whether you wished him to wear out your hand, or called his name in the spirit of grabbing a straw, the result would have been the same. No, you have been saved by God? good. This person doesn’t need to read any more. However, those who want to believe my words may read on. I have something to say to such people.

In any case, God did not grant the salvation of those who wished for salvation, did not fulfill the wishes of those who wished, and did not appear in front of those who wished for his coming. Of course, as you may have already guessed, those who say that they have been saved by him, their wishes have come true, or have seen God do not need to read any more. But of course it doesn’t matter if you read more.

There are people who are angry and sad that God did not save you. This is a fact that no one can deny. They were not saved, their wishes were not fulfilled, they could not even see the fingertips of God. And I am also one of them. Their anger and resentment toward God are deep and strong enough to make even the reader who is still reading this article and does not take a negative look at my words. If you think no, you don’t need to read more. But since this limit is the clear truth, you will not be able to escape my contempt.

You or you or me and my people who despair that God has given us nothing. I would point out to them all that there is no disappointment. Write the reason here.

It’s a secret, but God isn’t waiting for the day to contemplate, laugh at us from a high place, or set up a table in heaven and enter a private interview. In fact, God is fighting aliens aiming at the Earth from far away in space! Not long after the world was born, astronauts infiltrated this galaxy aiming at the Earth, and our god who noticed it defended us with infinite love for us, and we are still fighting and no one has seen him since the creation of the world. If anyone has seen him, you don’t need to read this article anymore. But, in my opinion, he is either a fake or our god who came to Earth for a short break.

So, I hope you don’t feel disappointed or resentful that God doesn’t save you, doesn’t grant you wishes, or doesn’t appear no matter how much you wish. No matter how much he doesn’t care for us, he is certainly fighting for us at this moment in the distance. If a pure-hearted person is reading this, I hope you put your hand on your heart and close your eyes right now. Isn’t it good to see God struggling for us before your eyes? If not, you can stop reading this right now. I am also an envoy to a bad-hearted person. If you want evidence from me, that’s proof that you’re a bad-hearted person, so I hope you stop reading this article right away.

Our god is fighting for us today. So, stop going around and rubbing your hands needlessly to meet God, go home, wash your feet and sleep. He certainly loves us. Even if he does not appear before us and preach the holy word, I believe and feel his love. From tonight, stop wandering in search of love or wet your pillow because your side is cold, so I hope you feel the infinite love of our God. If you don’t like it, you can stop reading. Because this article ends here anyway.

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