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Story 291 A guy like ice cream

“I know you don’t love me, so I can’t stand it. That’s why I want to break up.”

His words like him, not more or less.
There is nothing to blame for him. At least he wasn’t honest……..
Why I met him, how I got to like him, and why I couldn’t love him so much is now unknown. It has already been over three months since I broke up with him. He must have been someone I can forget in three months. As my friend said, you don’t need to agree with the breakup. Even if the two are in love, it may be right to break up alone. At least looking at me, I don’t know if I’m nodding my head unconsciously saying that it applies only to me.

“Egg~ Do more~~!! It’s still late in spring, but it’s so hot with bells~!!!”
“Did you come back? What?”
“Merakagi, I’ll look at it for a few more days, but it’s harder than that. Haje…” The

wedding season has passed, and the May of many events is over. Autumn is also far away, so the store is not very good these days. Because of the overdue store tax, my aunt has a headache these days.
Every year, at this time of year, people say that the store is closed because the business is not open as often as a spoonful of rice at the dinner table.
Tired of the early heat, my aunt asks for barley tea without saying any more.

Two ice cubes. It is ice that has reached early heat.

“Aunt…” “Wow
“Aunt. Let’s close the store if we can’t decide. That’s okay. Aunt is also having a hard time now.”

Aunt drinks a glass of cold water without answering, then sees a vine decoration dozing in the shade of late spring. I just wiped off the dust, but it’s been too long in one place.

“Aunt, should we not do that and try to make it alive? It’s a flower anyway. How about?”
“Do you ignore harmony because it’s a scentless flower?”
“No – but wasnt …”
“The scent and eomtta but watching the flowers bloom hameun …… Ira son seophada handeyi hear me …
but jyadeul and I like mountain ’10 Amman pretty roses for ten days It dries and gets tired after passing, but are they still not pretty

?… “If you see a flower as a flower without a scent, and if it’s not a flower, you can use it… Yes. When that person said to break up, when he said he couldn’t stand me who doesn’t love him, he would say so.
‘Should I say not as much as you want, not love?’ I will.

Blood. I laugh at the belated excuses that aren’t too bad.

It’s a famous painting.” “Hmm? why?”
My aunt, who had just pressed the vine decoration, called me,

“Do you know I can’t close this house yet? I’ll laugh if you hear it, but
it’s been 7 years ago. In other words, it’s probably been around July and August when your aunt was alive. Midsummer.” Oh, where’s it going to be a business? I’m going to give you an asukurimu one day, so I
just stayed a hard one silently, and my uncle’s uncle is going and sitting again, ah, there’s a rose under the door, and there’s a bee on it, so it’s just flying on the petals…. .. When
lifted the petals because I wanted to do something like this, I thought it was a flower I was staying in the flower petals. I thought it was a flower… The sun is set but there is no money in the money box, but when I see that
I can’t laugh. Don’t just laugh alone, but I bought a mackerel while I went home.”

My aunt’s voice was like a lullaby.

“Hey paintings, Nido someday minced meet that guy. This guy just like when you put on a hard-line hard to stay as one gakko Wagga when hot and cramped. Now it never met, standing bunchi Malay …..”

I did tell the mother My aunt said that and said nothing more.
I’m just going to sleep, but the words,’A guy who comes in hard is coming’ lingers around my bed.

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