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Story 302 Invisible Dog

Yellow liquid rises from the freshly put on white socks. There is still warmth. It is clear that it is less than 5 minutes. I try to calm down the anger that rises to the end of my head, try to call the guy’s name, and finally quit. If he were the one who appeared to be calling, he would have hurried to the sound of my screaming immediately after stepping on the pee and showed the boat. After taking a deep breath, wipe off the traces of Iji by wrapping the tissue paper that was thrown in the right hand. “I don’t care what I’m looking for.”

I still remember. The look of the guy I met last, and my deeply reflected image in my moist eyes are clearly engraved in my mind. At that time, Izzy had already become half transparent. On that day, oddly enough, he didn’t bark even when he saw me coming to work. I lift one leg up and hopping, taking off a pair of wet socks. I don’t remember exactly how many days it was, but one day my dog ​​disappeared. The mystery is that traces of him are still found all over the house.

At first, I lay in bed, wondering about the guy who couldn’t come even if I called. Whether under the bed or in the sink, when I heard the sound of lying down on the bed, it was the guy who ran out of that place and whined to ask for a lift. That day, I fell asleep, and I screamed a whale whale at the guy who still didn’t come to the front door to work the next day. “Hey, Oh! If you keep doing that, there is no rice from today!”

The guy who was well covered with urine and urine began to make his house a mess. On the second day when he disappeared, I can’t forget the scenery in front of the front door after work. The toilet paper and the shattered newspaper that passed through the living room and connected into the room, and the wardrobe drawer that was open randomly were greeting me indifferently.

Like a thief whose purpose is to be dizzy. When I first witnessed the scene, I became very scared, so I called my parents who lived in my hometown and even a high school alumnus who had not been in contact with me. However, the returning words were all swear words from concerns about mental illness, irresponsible pet dogs, and crazy bitch. On that day, I squatted in the corner, burning a cigarette, and the phone call of’This is the world’ that was broadcast came into my eyes and fell asleep after worrying for a while.

On Sunday, I went through every corner of the house as a general cleaning. However, there was no. Thinking of’Hallowman’, he scooped a cigarette in the corner and blew it. However, however, there was no. That night, I fell asleep staring at the feed in the rice bowl. The next day the amount was definitely reduced.

After that, I came to the conclusion that he was just becoming transparent. After becoming transparent for a while, I decided to think that I was living a cat-like life in a corner of the house—a blind spot out of my reach.

Then I was tired of my grass, and I had no doubts, believing that soon I would be waving a long tail violently towards me. Okay, sometimes we too have the urge to disappear in this stupid world. He just put it into practice. Still, the reality is cold, so you have to eat food at meals. Otherwise, you will starve to death. I know that too, so even after seeing his flight (for example, putting poop in a toilet in front of the toilet), he is filling the rice bowl with food. Yesterday, after the dinner party, he came into an empty house and sang cucumber three times and burst into tears. He must have been watching it all. Like unto that ungrateful son of a bitch.

Oh, I was late to work. In order to try on purple shoes after a long time with a pair of socks on, open the shoe cabinet and find the one above it. Put the black shoes you wore yesterday under the shoe rack. It doesn’t go well, as if it’s filled with something, so I push it in with my feet and close the shoebox. Today we have to buy a new feed for our easy. This time with something sweet. The last one was too tight.

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