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Story 317 Swing Out

“I-so that, is there really no way to explain it neatly in other words other than saying [appropriately]?”
“Even if you look at such an explanation anyway, you said it didn’t help.”

It’s been more than six months since he started swing dancing-dancing in a word-and among the swing dances, K-kun, who had just started Lindy, came up with his senior rider. Swing-out is one of the things that everyone puts in and teaches when they start learning Lindy. So to speak, it is a kind of initiation process. But K-kun was crazy because he didn’t know how to do this no matter how much he tried. No, to be precise, it doesn’t mean you don’t know how to do it.

I memorized things like how to take steps and which beat to turn, thanks to the overly detailed explanation, so I can draw even in my head. However, the moment you take your partner’s hand and step on the first beat, everything becomes messy unlike your head.

From the perspective of K-team, who just started swinging, swinging out didn’t seem that difficult. If you go back while dragging your partner slightly, your partner and me change positions, and in that state, you send your partner back to the original position, and you return to the original position. That seems to be the only thing, but when I actually try it, it seems that the timing of giving me strength and the timing of returning are misaligned. It makes me angry when I see the appearance of the senior jockeys and instructors neatly finishing it. That doesn’t mean that it’s not in the [excessively detailed] explanation that senior hyung said.

“That’s… you just have to pull it back in with the right force.”
Just one word.

“Hey, how did you learn when you learned to bike?”
“Well… what do you do…

So , though..” “Then, how would you answer when someone comes to you to learn to paint and asks [Hey, how much strength do I have to draw when I brush this here?”

Anyway, one day, the moment K-kun was dancing with his partner and swinging out, his body gave a thrilling signal to K-kun. Yes, this is [suitable]. From then on, K-gun was able to show his workmanship like a Buddha who enlightened the truth under a bodhi tree. Oh, happy ending. Since time has passed quite a bit, junior jockeys began to enter under K-gun, and as K-gun did, there were juniors that came to K-gun.

“K-type, how the hell do you need to give strength when swinging out, I don’t know if I try.”
“Once you grab your partner, with the right force…”


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