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Story 451 12th Confession

I like you. I like you. I like you.

‘Huh? How about this~’
“I like it.”
‘Ugh- do you really like this?’
“I like you.”
‘Oh, I hate this kind of thing, but you really like it. With

her in front of her,’I like it’ in my mind today.
When I engrave’I like’ in my heart, I wake up at some point, and
there is a pupa in front of me that I hate as a gel in the world.
Ugh- Brown and black indented wrinkles, and when bitten, it feels like it pops up and dull…
I think I will vomit.

‘I’m not going to eat? Handamyeonseo like, “
” Mmm? I mean … how matitneunde Smiley.Clark this value, you can not meoknya these things? “

Horribly, but today I eat a disgusting brown creature in exchange for the 11th confessions. Ooh
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
, it’s dead now, brown food.

“What are you doing on Sunday week?”
“Huh? Library galryeogu, thats soon test “
,” elegant, where the library? I do it. I can not lift this class mean nothing just do not like. “

She smiles hard. When the ice cream melts, will her laugh fade away? No. Perhaps –

Ugh – but not eating to eat earlier grungy not good trick since. I was afraid to leave early, but to see her a little more, I forcibly took the class. Then I ran to the house, but in the end, I was absent the next day. Alas- It was like that. The reason I hated that brown food so much was because my body hated him too. Hives all over my body and came with fever. In the meantime, I was only worried about the upcoming Sunday appointment. My mom gave me medicine and told me not to go out, but I must see her…

Sunday came and I hadn’t gone down with hives yet. With a slight fever, I went to see her with my whole body armed, wearing a mask. At the end of there, she was walking, dressed neatly, into the car, wondering if she hadn’t come out. I hid myself in shame and pulled out a very old, old-fashioned manual camera that I hadtily pulled out of the closet. I’d like this to work, but I really wanted to keep her pretty image, so I brought it with you. As I was fiddling with the camera for a while, two pairs of white sneakers stopped further below the camera.
Her gaze gradually climbed up from the floor, and it was her.

‘What camera is it? Huh? Why did you wear a mask? I caught a cold? ‘
“Hmm, a little … kulruk kulruk, I do not know what the camera kkeonde Dad. So, uh saw Want to take one up there?”
“Sick, shalt come, the school put out, huh? Okay, can I stand there? &Quot;

I told her to stand in front of a tree a little farther away, and stepped back.
Seen through the viewfinder, she resembled the freshness of a tree.
She resembles green.

She smiled awkwardly, was waiting for me to press the shutter, and
I still felt a little dizzy with a low fever, perhaps due to hives.

“One step to the right”


“No. Take a step to the left again”


“Well- one more step forward”


A strangely cold sweat flowed in my hand, and I was so nervous for some reason that the camera shook. In the black viewfinder, she was shaking with green light. dizzy. Era- I don’t know.

“Hey there …. like

one, duwoo depression, three.”

With a clicking sound, my body relaxes. Suddenly, because I was relaxed, I sat down on the ground, and seeing it, she jumped back.
I sighed and spit out alone.

…Do it..”

12th confession.

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