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Story 544 Life is unfair

e wielded violence. When I came in after drinking alcohol, I punched and kicked without fail. There was also a day when a pickaxe was swung. One dawn, I was right by him and passed out. When I woke up, my body was wet. Next to me, there was an empty bucket rolled around. He hit again, and I was hit again. The next evening, he took me to the public bath. In the dressing room, he asked, looking at the red and bluish bruises on my ass.
“Who was it right for?”

I looked at his cracked left ear. He was a wrestler until college. His naked body was a tight muscle mass. I didn’t answer anything.

I wasn’t the only one who was hit by him in the unit. All of the officers who took office later than that were beaten by the drunken man. But no one reported his violence. He was usually meek. He used to sympathize with him, asking if the alcohol was bad or the people were bad. Maybe it was because of fear, shame, loyalty, or loyalty. Those who were beaten were resentful of the violence for no reason, and they feared the unfailing dawn.

He was discharged. I heard news that he became a high school physical education teacher. I was also discharged. I became a new employee at a large company. When I was getting used to my work life, I received a wedding invitation. It had his name and the name of the woman who would be his wife. I wondered if anyone who would be his wife had drank with him. I was uncomfortable to imagine that a woman’s life might be crushed in front of a man’s strength. Large companies frequently worked overtime on weekdays and overtime on holidays. On his wedding day, I also worked overtime. I sent him only 30,000 won in congratulations.

One afternoon, about a year later, he called me.
“Do you have time for dinner? Would you like a drink?”
I hesitated for a moment. Numerous ghost stories from dawn unfolded before my eyes. But I wondered if he was living well with his wife.
“Yes, where would I see you?”

After work, I headed to Mapo. He was sitting alone. To my salute, he replied with a light bow. A bottle of soju was already empty. The pork skin was not cooked. He emptied the soju glass one after another. He was silent. Why did I come out here, regret poured over. I did not take off my suit jacket. I didn’t even wear the apron that the restaurant lady gave me. I was ready to run out anytime.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t go to the wedding. I did however come as “
” ’cause I would not have been good to you when military life? “
“No obviously?”
“Yes, but why suddenly say that…”

He emptied another glass of soju. The skin of the pigs burned black and empty soju bottles continued to grow. He smoked and asked. A long smoke emanated from the lungs.
“After getting married, she was… a drug addict. I thought you were a good woman. I was deceived”

Beyond the burning smoke and cigarette smoke in the skin of the pig, his eyes were dimming.
“Because I…I…but still love…I love you…I tried to wrap it with love. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t… couldn’t take it. So I divorced a month ago. The life of the world was so unfair. Everyone lives happily, but why do I have to suffer like this… It’s so unfair. So I looked back on my life. I wanted to suffer this kind of pain because of the many sins I have committed.

So… so… I’m meeting one person, one person with the people I’ve been with. Have I ever suffered you, have you ever sinned? I’m asking. But…but…nobody said I was wrong enough to pay the penalty for my sins…There wasn’t a single person…nobody…I really…really…really… I’m going to go crazy because I’m unfair.”

He laid down on the table and supported him, who had lost his mind, and came out of the restaurant. There was no stiffness in his forearm. I didn’t know where his house was. A sign for a men’s sauna flashed on the big road across the street. Laid him in the sleeping room. I took off my clothes and headed for the bath. The scars of the dawn remained on my ass reflected in the mirror beyond the vapor

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