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Story 613 The Mysterious Man

In front of Times Square in New York, a man was handing out money to people. $150 for a boy who said his mother was dying in bed, $50 for a black man who was fired from work, and $80 for someone who had a friend with whom he had taken all of his company property. People called the man a mysterious man. And there was someone who wondered why the Mysterious Man was handing out the money, where he got it.

Let’s say she’s Allen from The New York Times.
Allen approached him to uncover the mystery man. And said.
“I lost my home. I was in heavy debt and everything went to auction.”

The mysterious man hesitated for a moment and then told Allen.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t give you that much money. Instead, if you don’t mind, I can lend you a room for a few days.”

That was a great proposition for Allen. You can stay at the man’s house and find out who he really is. That day, Allen packed up and went to the man’s house. The house was in a quiet suburb, about a kilometer from the city.

After the man left, Allen scoured the household items. But they were all just ordinary things. Desks and bookshelves, chairs and wardrobes and spoons, and paintings by unknown painters. Allen looked at the picture carefully, and suddenly caught up in a strange foreboding, and pulled the frame off the wall. Behind the picture frame was an unusual wall. The wall had handles like drawers. Allen pulled the handle on the wall. Inside it was a secret safe. It was clear that the vault that the mysterious man took out the money and handed it out to the people. Allen struggled for a week to set the password for the safe, but to no avail.

On the first week of the week, a mysterious man came and told Allen.
“Today is the day I decided to leave my home. Have you got a new job?”
Allen said, hugging the man’s neck.

“You’re so kind. As you know, it’s not easy to find a new job because of international financial coordination. If you’re looking for a secretary or housekeeper, how about me? I want to obey you.”
The mysterious man pondered, and finally accepted her request.
The man got out of bed at 7 o’clock every morning and put on a gentleman’s hat and a suit. Allen, who became his housekeeper and assistant, put on shoes and gave him a lucky kiss. She said to the man.
“I want to ask you one thing. How can you give out that much money to people? I want to know what you’re doing.”
The mysterious man kissed her and said.
“Even if you become my wife, I can’t tell you about it. I don’t know. I’m just doing errands at a request from a rich man.”
“I’m lying.”
Allen said, recalling the safe inside the wall.
After the mysterious man left the house, Allen’s editor-in-chief called.
“Is the coverage going well? Don’t drag it too long.”
“I’m doing my best.”

Allen felt he couldn’t wait any longer. She secretly followed her when the mysterious man went out. The mysterious man went to Times Square and was handing out money to people as usual. Then Allen saw a strange sight.

A mysterious man who refused to give money appeared! The person who was rejected was a grandmother who seemed to be 80 years old. She looked kind and was as bright as her facial expression, although she might be wearing shabby clothes. Despite being rejected, he did not look disappointed.
“Probably there are people who are more difficult than me.

“Allen told about what he saw today when the man came home.”

“Do you want to see others’ misery?”
“Some people buy misfortune with money.”

“I’m very unhappy now! I don’t have a job, I can’t give birth, and my husband left me because he had an affair with another woman. Is that all right? How much more unhappy do I have to be to have all of your fortune?”
The man said there was one way.
“what is that?”

“You marry me. You live with me all your life until you die.”
So Allen married a mysterious man. After quitting journalism, she lived a luxurious life. But I had to be unhappy to die for my whole life. She had enough money to spend her whole life and spend, but was unhappy because the cause was unknown. It was as if a mysterious man in front of Times Square in New York took on all the misfortunes of the people who gave the money. Still, she could not divorce the mysterious man. It was obvious that if you divorce you will lose money and you will become more unhappy.

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