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Story 615 Sinking

People said that the time has finally come. The warmer climate has melted glaciers and raised seawater. Eventually, the sea crashed most of the dazzling civilization deep into the sea floor, and all that remains is the sound of waves. People didn’t live together in a small place. They couldn’t be satisfied with the land that was allowed to them. In tens of thousands of small groups isolated all over the world, something resembling a war took place, and the population declined exponentially. Where I am is an island. The land allowed for me is now less than 50 square meters. Everywhere is vast.

The sound of the shoot-off waves is now like white noise. Food is also low. All canned food, which can be eaten for about 7 days. The land on which I stepped on was a mountain, but unfortunately, it is a private mountain without trees. Because of this, it is a sandy beach, but it is also as beautiful as any island in Hawaii that I saw on TV in the past. The trouble I have now is that I only have 7 days of food, and the other is that the sea water will gradually fill up and the land will soon sink into the sea.

Of course, solving only one of the two will not survive. To survive, you have to solve two problems, and I’m sure I can’t. All you have here is a sandy beach, canned goods, and a man and a man. There will be no structure. People are also busy with their own lives.

However, even if the problem of survival is put aside, life is difficult. The most unbearable is loneliness and depression. It’s been a year since I didn’t see anyone. My family left for heaven in the first war when water was growing and trying to steal resources between nations. The people who lived up to a year ago were people who accidentally attached their feet to the land, but people died from colds or bone fractures.

All I can do now is to recall the past. My friend had majored in sociology. He said that individuals are sinking in society. But I’m really going to sink. The deep sea where people who are already dead will grab my ankles and pull me down. At night, the blue sea reveals its black color. The pitch-black darkness and cold strike me. What I like most about a sandy island is lying on the island to see the stars.

When I was young, the stars I saw on the beach were so beautiful. It seems more beautiful after a lot of people disappear. Is it because the air is clear? You can hear the sound of the waves and see the full moon. And I feel sinking. But this sinking feeling is not unfamiliar. Even before… I was sinking in society. It was isolated and sank like an island.

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