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Story 654 Willing activity

“I’ve met a good owner. I write funny humor and scribble on a piece of paper every day
. Have you ever heard the phrase’I don’t envy the president either?” I’m lucky. “

” I’m really envious. My master is every night… weird things. Eulhae… “

Everyone asks in one voice.

“What’s weird?”

“Yes… Bunshin Saba Bunshin Saba and memorized the spell to call ghosts. I’m really scared so I
can’t stand it! Besides,
I’m so dizzy in the spinning barrel that I’m not conscious… I need to know if I’m moving… Come on, my
life is over and I don’t want to get involved anymore!

” Don’t say that! It’s a stupid idea. Don’t try to give up life easily! Someday you
will use it for good too ! “

The pencil that was listening to the words says.

“Do not comfortably comfort yourself without knowing the details of others’ affairs. I want to stop dying too… “

“Why are you? “

” Have you ever felt the pain of shaving your body? Yes, I understand that far… But I
can’t escape from the desperate shock that is erased by the eraser after leaving my existence value hard …

“It’s the same for you, but the eraser is going to be hard. I’m getting smaller and smaller for better results!
I’m glad that we can sympathize with each other’s pain, and we’ll be good friends,”

says the expressionless computer sign pen.

“Pencil… Did you say that it was a real shock? In addition to
that, I
am the one who will pass out ! My master is a killer… Take notes through me about who and when to kill and move on… I tell the master please stop You know, you’re a good person, right?!
But the owner doesn’t understand at all… I have no choice
but to move as the owner tells me, and I can’t give up on my own life, so I just accept it… “

Sharp speaks while everyone can’t say anything.

“Now… Shall we change the atmosphere? Our owner is a writer, I
write a diary every day even though I have white hair , and I don’t know how cute it is! You guys imagine, a gray- haired old man writing a
diary, but in a diary for a beautiful world. There is a belief that life is full immersed by him,
some a little more I became impressed look healthy and articles he writes seureopgo … well … we all
let a good story! huh? “

duck mouth and brush heard the story of Sharp Say.

“I’m sorry, Sharp, but when you talk about it, it’s
hard to say that it has succeeded in reversing the atmosphere 100% from the expressionless expression of a computer-use pen . I was born for a computer and
I’m doing that… Well… I’ll talk about myself this time… Well, the writing must be great, especially Sharpner, who has the author as the master, so I
have great respect, but I think a little different. Isn’t true art
a power that feels more sensational than an explanation ? Wouldn’t this be a little more artistic?
Wh, or not… It’s just my thoughts,”

says the colored pencil towards the ballpoint pen that was sitting grimly.

“Why aren’t you so powerless, ballpoint pen? You can talk a little bit too. “

“Our owner doesn’t do anything…”

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