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Story 854 Unicycle

My father rides a unicycle incredibly well. He didn’t have to go forward and back, and even put his hand in his pocket without having to balance it with his arms. I was very proud of my father, so I would get confused when I took the form to ride.

One day, while secretly riding a unicycle, my father caught me and got mad. Even with a young heart, I wanted to ask why not, but for some reason, I couldn’t hear the cool answer and quit because I thought it would be more correct. What I could do for my age was to flirt and fall asleep.

As time passed, people were more excited about lion training and trapeze than father’s bike tricks. Looking at it, I thought that people think that the more dangerous it is, the cooler it is.

At first, he seemed in jeopardy, but soon his father was able to successfully ride the line, and his father’s popularity was able to regain his popularity.

However, the father, who knew the hearts of people who felt the same thing quickly, gradually raised the height of the single string, and the popularity rose as the string went up.

My father’s popularity again began to slow down at the limit of the line going up. It seemed like there was nothing more to show, but soon my father removed the safety net and mattress from the floor as if to see.

At that time, I said,’The monkey also falls from the tree.’ I was just learning the proverb. My thought that my father was not a monkey and could not fall apart was collapsed by the time I learned that monkeys are the ancestors of humanity.

A single rope ride without a single safety device at high altitude. It is also a unicycle. It couldn’t have been more dangerous, so the respect for my father at that time and the ecstasy I felt when I looked at people’s surprised eyes was close to awe. That’s why, the moment my father fell, I heard people’s single word’Oh’ with exclamation in my ears, and my father felt great.

Father was beyond danger!

However, it seems that what the crowd who were enthusiastic about danger wanted was more than danger.
Fortunately, my father had no trouble with his life, but he had to be in a wheelchair all his life. The night my father was hurt, I couldn’t sleep, not because I was worried about him, but because of a sense of betrayal and the anger that caused him.

A person who turns away from his father immediately after his father has fallen off the line, a person who asks for a refund while leaving the theater, a person who stands with his hand in his pocket far away and looks at it, and in the meantime, the general manager says that there is no refund.
Everything was disgusting. I was confused. I hated the feeling of being like that myself because people turned away from my father.

After the day of the incident, I erased my dream, a dream I had without my father’s knowledge. Instead, after finding the safest job, he decided to become a public servant. From the 6th grade of elementary school to high school students, three characters were placed in the desired job column of the living record book, but my job now is an insurance company employee.

Sometimes people say it’s an insurance carrier behind the scenes, but now I don’t get caught up in their words. I haven’t been a public servant, but what a safe job it is. In some ways, it’s more rewarding than public officials because it makes others feel safe from danger.

My father sometimes tells me about the accident that day it was better. When I hear my father telling me that there was nothing more to show, I smiled bitterly, imagining my father crossing a single line in a unicycle.

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