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Story 898 Agari

Grabbed her shoulder. The moment her gaze met her looking back in wonder, conviction flashed within me like an impulse. It must be. Without even having time to say hello, she pulled her arm to remove her upper garment and pulled down her underwear. The two plump breasts shimmered in the dark. As if she was struggling suddenly noticed, the movement stopped. I let go of her arms that I had trapped. Interest arose in her eyes, looking at me.

There was a moment of silence. She turned her hands back and completely took off her underwear and grabbed her bare chest with her slender grip. The chest that wasn’t grasped, bigger than the angler’s ear, slowly opened to both sides. Her agar, buried in the breastbone and invisible, fully revealed its appearance. It was a beautiful gill with dense wrinkles spreading like a comb. Flinching, I could see the Agari poised to unfold. The blood seemed to flow upside down.

I took off my jacket in a hurry. Her anticipation, her gaze reached my heart. I felt my excited little girl fluttering joyfully. We slowly and carefully touched each other’s upper bodies to make them fit. I was already so excited that I couldn’t stand it. She squeezed her unopened fingertips and poked roughly and licked her fingertips, whose tongue protruding from her tongue was still firmly closed.

She seemed to laugh slowly. Her gap opened slowly, shyly, and I was impatient. The forcibly pushed tongue was amazed at the sharp pain. The sensitive tip of the tongue was cut slightly in her teeth. The taste of blood lingered. The nipples are soft, but the teeth are unforgivable. The exploration battle continued for a while. She was better than I thought. My memes were careful, and swallowing was quick. Her tongue tenaciously wrapped my tongue and dragged it into her own agar.

I also moved desperately so as not to give a gap. Neither this nor the other seldom moved as I thought. Whenever the tongues separated from each other because of the unbalanced power of the lifting and flying, we quickly pulled our tongue out of the other’s mouth. The two tongues, soaked in sticky and viscous saliva, were apt to slide unexpectedly even with the slightest clumsiness. While entangled dozens of times, moving in and out of each other, I was forced to scratch her or my teeth. My heart rang every time my teeth collided. My tongue quickly became full of scars. It was the same with her. The five senses that stick and spit out were repeated.

It was the moment I wanted to enter a lull. It seemed to be slipping. It was a moment that I didn’t even notice. The pupils she encountered were filled with joy. Her teeth bite my tongue without hesitation. The whole body was twisted. My tongue, which I didn’t know when it was swallowed, was already buried deep in her nipples, and her nipples were bitten tightly and did not let go of my tongue. The more I shook to escape, the more sharp pain came.

Her teeth chewed me off my tongue, and the process wasn’t long. The moment I fell apart, my tongue opened up and finally broke my tongue through her male teeth. I couldn’t even breathe. I struggled and rolled the floor. I felt the broken root of my tongue shrinking and drying like a snail with my head cut off. The muscles of the whole body seemed to contract. The convulsive Agari vomited a red bubble. finished. The result was decided.

My tongue was slowly coming out of her mouth when I looked up, and it was being pushed out. Red slime continued from the gills, and then a lump of meat covered with blood and saliva fell to the floor. While enjoying the situation leisurely, she approached me who fell on the floor and raised me to sit down. I hugged me, gasping for a breath, and she hit me again.

Her triumphantly wriggling tongue roughly penetrated my agar, which had been curled up in pain, and glanced at the inside of the empty one. there’s nothing. The Taenang was prepared. Her sweetheart trembled with joy. She looked down at me and smiled pleased. Her sweetheart also seemed to smile. The prey was attacking the hunter.

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