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Story 96 Fantastic Alien

As he sat at the bar with a bottle of beer, he was bored and pulled out a ragged magazine on a bookshelf. As soon as I opened it, a page appeared with a densely printed text. He was thinking of passing it over, but suddenly saw the title of the article. . It sounds funny for some reason. He began to read the text.

Joey was standing in the dark. Where she stood was a club that performed live music. Today is Friday night, so the seats were already full. Not wanting to go home, she paid an entrance fee and leaned against the wall in the corner of the club. On the stage, a four-member punk band who screamed and glowed was playing. Standing in the corner, she was somewhat depressed. People sitting at the table were smoking cigarettes, talking to someone next to them, or laughing. The Skinheads in front of the stage were dancing intensely.

Then someone talked to her. It was a strange voice with a little crackling sound.
“The performance is a mess, right?”

Joey, who thought he was one of the many people standing next to him, replied profoundly.
“Isn’t it a bad mood?”
“I think so.”

She was annoyed to answer, so she accidentally looked next to the car trying to quit. Then I saw a man standing next to Joey, but it seemed to be not normal. The man had a smooth, silvery green color throughout his body, thin limbs and oval-shaped head. Red light was emanating from a hole that looked like snow. It was the common appearance of an alien.
Zoe still stared at the alien profoundly. Then he pulled his skin.

The alien screamed. She pricked her reddish eyes with her fingers.
“Aya! What are you doing!”
Only then did Joy mumble a little surprised.
“I guess he’s really an alien… .”
“Sorry. In doubt.”

Then the alien made something rustling and began to search the pants dance. Finally, when the alien pulled out a small, opaque plastic bag, the pockets of the pants disappeared like a lie and became a silvery green skin again. The alien ran through the plastic bag with his long finger and held out a small, orange, transparent object to Joey. She accepted it. Said the alien.

“It’s a common thing. Everyone doubts.”
Joey rubbed what he had received. I also smelled it. There was a sweet scent. It was jelly. She put it in her mouth and said, muttering.
“Really. Fanta taste.”

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