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Story 177 Do you want to see me?

“I want to see Gogh’s sunflower”
started with a word from my girlfriend.
I didn’t know what Gogh’s sunflower was, but I searched the internet, but only the thick and hot withered sunflower pictures were searched, but the sunflower with a special feeling was not. And I learned that Gogh was a painter. I also learned of the historical opinion that he was a painter who committed suicide due to mental illness.
To find Gogh’s sunflowers and please my girlfriend, I went to work silently and without smell. But I couldn’t find Gogh’s sunflower that my girlfriend would like. ‘Gogh’s sunflower’ was referring to something unique and clear, like’my white shorts’, but I only thought it was something special. Every word from my girlfriend sounded special.
Tired of searching, I look for Gogh’s sunflowers on the Internet. “I want to see Gogh’s sunflowers.” I will leave your contact information, so I would appreciate it if you contact us.
A prank call came in for several days.
On a summer afternoon when the weather was sunny and the cicadas were crying for each other’s good, the phone rang sulky.
And the middle-aged voice hung up.
Looking at the clock, it was before 13:5. I couldn’t afford to wash, put on my hat, dressed roughly, and went to Daelim Museum without a break, even though the seat was empty, I stood in a hurry.
It is 13:50 when I arrive in front of Daelim Museum of Art.
Taking a breath and avoiding the hot sun, I went inside the Daelim Museum of Art, sat on the sofa to cool off, and came out of the museum at 14 o’clock.
A neat middle-aged man in white pants and a white shirt walked up and said, “Would you like to find Gogh’s sunflower?”
I replied yes. The middle-aged man had him walk for about 20 minutes and guided him to the office on the fourth floor of the building, which would have been 40 years old.
The man turned on the fan, took out the canned drink from the refrigerator, handed it to me, and drank one of himself.
“Let’s get things done quickly,” said the middle-aged man.
“Yes” moment I was nervous.
“It takes a sacrifice to find Gogh’s sunflower.”
“You have to dedicate one part of your body to Gogh. Gogh cut off his left ear for himself. You have to make a reasonable sacrifice.”
It’s something I didn’t even think about.
I left the office, opened the corridor window, took out a cigarette from my pocket, lit it, inhales deeply, and spit out it. Is it a relationship with a girlfriend who can sacrifice part of the body?, Will my future be greatly changed by sacrificing part of the body? Will my family be surprised?
Deciding that I don’t have to have one body part for my girlfriend, I went into the office and said, “I’ll sacrifice my left eye.”
“It’s a clean decision,” said the middle-aged man, and he got up from the sofa, opened the desk drawer, and pulled out the contract. He signed the contract and wrote a memorandum that he would not be held responsible for all. At exactly 21 o’clock, my left eye fell off, and instead a deep space that was 100% black was stuck.
“If you come to Daelim Museum of Art by 14:00 on the 20th, you can see Gogh’s sunflowers,” said a middle-aged man.
As I left the hospital, I put my little finger into the space in the empty spot of my left eye, and a cold wind blew me away.
I called my girlfriend and told him to go to Daelim Museum by 14 o’clock because I could see Gogh’s sunflowers on the 20th. My girlfriend liked it like a child who was given new shoes on New Year’s Day and asked if you were going with me, but I said no. Still, my girlfriend liked it.
And the 20th. The girlfriend went to see Gogh’s sunflowers and disappeared from the world, leaving only the left shoe.
A week after my girlfriend went missing, a middle-aged man called.
“Gogh’s sunflower was swallowed. It was not a sudden death due to Stendhal syndrome. It was swallowed purely and disappeared. We couldn’t help it either. Sorry.
Only the left shoe in front of Daelim Museum is her trace.” The middle-aged man hung up the phone without emotion and heavy.
The Milky Way poured out of the universe on the left. It seems like her girlfriend is trapped in the space on the left.

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