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Story 702 Yan

The man took off his shoes. The feet hidden in the socks seem to be full of blood with blisters bursting. Carefully stepping into the living room, the kid who was playing in the room jumped out.

β€œDad, I know how to draw a tie-.”

The man strokes the child’s head and heads to the bedroom. Every step I take makes my feet throb. When I take off my socks, a blister on the verge of exploding raises my head. Instead of screaming, he frowns his eyebrows. On the floor of the room, there are several children’s books on the floor. This is the book the man brought. He is a fairy tale book salesman. Specifically, he is a salesperson for a children’s publishing company. Half a year has passed since I started working. It was also the first thing I started in Seoul. Prior to that, he helped his father’s shop in a local small town, but a child was born, and he was introduced by his brother-in-law to get a job in Seoul. Starting to work as a salesman, the man traveled all over Seoul by subway. He also carried a briefcase with a pamphlet of new children’s books on one side or a heavy collection of children’s books. The man’s feet were constantly striking east, west, north and south throughout the day. A man unfamiliar with the geography of Seoul frequently confused the direction of the subway and wandered in search of Complex A or Complex E in the maze of well-divided apartment complexes. The new shoes my wife bought to commemorate my first work were in good shape, but they were not very comfortable. Men with long toes and wide feet by nature had to take off their shoes several times in a bus or train because of new shoes with a sharp toe nose. The man’s feet, who had escaped from the shoes, used to breathe fresh air, and then went back into the shoes to the surrounding gaze. Men’s feet were useful not only when walking, but also when driving. The man used to be a driver for a drunken vice president at a dinner party, and even drove a company car when he had to go to the post office to pack bulk packages or to a computer repair shop. After graduating from high school, the man found his driver’s license useful. He often imagined himself driving a car. You will be able to take a simple drive to the suburbs on weekends with a still young child and wife. He was getting used to the geography of Seoul, and he drew a drive course in his head quite elated. I wanted to go to Lotte World, a children’s grand park, and a large museum that I only heard about. But soon, I thought of a child who would soon go to kindergarten with my wife, who would split it and save it for a crappy salary and a future apartment. Then the man pulled a cigarette out of his shirt pocket and bit it. I used to send images of the future with my own car in cigarette smoke.

As usual, the man, who finished his last business at the customer, took the bus to work. Uncomfortable shoes and blistered feet were still there. I walked too long and loaded my body on the full bus with the soles of my feet. The bus was full of people who went home like men, and he had to stand and go, holding the bus’s token container. There were more people getting on at each stop than people getting off at each stop, and the bus that had been running in saturation suddenly stopped suddenly and stepped on the foot of the man with the high pointed bend of the woman standing next to him.


The man screamed loudly. It hurt so much that tears come out. The woman opened her mouth in the form of an apology, but she was so close to the man that she could quickly find out what she ate for dinner. The man was just standing with his eyes closed. The blister seemed to have burst. This time, the red blood seems to be seeping into the really white cotton socks. The bus has been full for a while since then, and the man was upset for no reason, so I wanted to smack a token box that he held in his heart. However, surrounded by crowds and unable to do this or that, he pulled out a car in his heart and comforted the sore wounds of his feet. On an imaginary drive he was somehow driving barefoot. He took off the uncomfortable shoes that tightened his toes, the white cotton socks his wife cleaned, and the man’s feet clean without any blisters were driving comfortably. A man who enjoyed driving woke up from a dream, flirting with a customer trying to insert tokens. A crowded bus carrying a man runs through the city at night with neon lights.

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