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Story 975 Running

“Because it is.”
Cheolsu’s mother, who had a dessert coffee in front, sighed in exaggerated actions as if acting. A fireplace pizza place in Sinsa-dong. A group of aunts are sitting at the table. They are the mothers of children who say quite a bit. The so-called elite gathering of mothers. As if everyone competes, they wear expensive bags, necklaces, earrings, and wear a perm that doesn’t look old enough. It’s a meaningless number that just continues after eating conversations like Olympiad or entrance exams.
“My child is a big deal because he’s been playing whenever he has time.”
“What are you playing with?”
“I don’t know, I just do what I ordered and I don’t study, study.”
“But these days, kids don’t know how to run and play.”
“It’s a school and there’s a lot to do with tutoring.”
“When I try to play whether I watch cartoons or play games, I have any time.”
“When I think about my child, I’m worried so I think I have to keep studying, but when I’m young, I wonder if I should play outside. In the end, it’s a secret game, and you’re stuck in a fight… … .”
“We were all troublemakers when we were young too.”
“I was really scolded without skipping a day, but it’s amazing that I haven’t been scolded for studying, right?”
“Well, I was scolded because I woke up and I was scolded after playing a dangerous joke.
“It’s a game, it’s a cartoon, and there was no way to get it, so there was only that.”
“Oh, I guess they were all tomboys?”
“Hey, I watched Minji’s mother play with the boys in the neighborhood when she was a kid, but my sungeun.”
“What if you’re old and don’t care? What to swear.”
“Because when I get older, I have to take the railway… … .”
A tense time filled with appropriate jokes, squeaks and laughter. Will the subtle struggles of women never break even when their age changes? But on this day, only for this aunt’s meeting, the thin wall of tension breaks.
“I want to try it once in a long time.”
Chulsoo’s mother suddenly leaned down and pulled the aunts together.
“Why did everyone try it once? Guide money and run away.”
“I didn’t even know it was bad back then. Rather than saying I didn’t have the money, I wanted to play a joke in the process of paying and buying things.”
“Shall we try that once in a long time?”
“Because it is so expensive?”
“I can’t get caught. I’ll pay if I get caught.”
“So it doesn’t look like we’re running away because we don’t have money, right?”
“Okay then who wants to watch?”
Someone held up laughter and raised a hand. I was already excited.
“Okay then, if Minji’s mom goes to the pretend counter, we’ll go out through the open window in the meantime. Then Minji’s mother pretends to be bringing anything and comes out of the window.”
“I should run and run.”
The ajummas giggled and packed their items. Fix your shoes that are not high and put your handbag on your shoulder. Organize your hair and step out through the window one after another. And the aunts who beckon Minji’s mother with the window wide open. Minji’s mother goes to the counter, talks something, and then returns to the table where the aunts were just before. But it hurts. The waiter caught up behind Minji’s mother. Minji’s mother looked at the expressions of the aunts and turned her head to confirm the existence of the waiter. And before the waiter even judged the situation, he ran out through the window, and at the same time everyone started running!
The aunts ran away with low-heeled shoes. The ajummas twisting the alleys in order to disturb the waiting waiter even a little more. The young waiter, who suddenly ran into a cramp in his leg, still had a hard time judging the situation.
The laughter someone burst into spread to everyone. The ridiculous waiter laughed and said,
“What are you doing, ladies!”
Middle-aged women quickly got tired of shoes, laughter, and age. Everyone gasped for breath with their hands on their knees, and sweat was formed on their foreheads. The waiter took a slight breath and grabbed Minji’s mother on the shoulder. The young man said,
“What are you doing, now?”
I asked. After taking a breath, Minji’s mother smiled as if she were tired and spoke on behalf of everyone.
“It’s hard… … I tried it once.”

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