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Zhan Long


Li Xao Yao left SWAT to become an ordinary security guard, while working, he managed to enter the VIP room and came across Lin Wan Er changing his clothes. In revenge, she took him by car and dropped him off much further. After hours of walking, Li Xao Yao finally made it home just to be kicked out of it. He then received an offer from his former supervisor to become the bodyguard for the daughter of CEO Tian Xi Group both in the virtual world and in the real world. But unknown to Li Yao Xao, the girl was in fact …

Zhan Long
Associated Names: 斩 龙, Beheading Dragons , Trảm Long
Shi Lou Ye
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Harem, Martial Arts
Year: 2014
Status: ongoing

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