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Sota Inui is a manager at MegaPro, a talent agency responsible for finding young and beautiful women and propelling them to the rank of stars. However, Inui spends his time at the office browsing the posters of the idols his agency manages, and still hasn’t brought in any new talent or even a single client. While on a mission to go to the streets in search of talent, Inui falls and unwittingly grabs the tail of a female demon, then asks him to join his agency. Now bound by a contract, the young girl has no choice but to bow to her will, with the goal of becoming the number 1 idol in Japan. But who is this girl ? Why is Inui the only one who can see his tail? Is she really a thousand old demon years? No matter the reason or the story, it’s now up to Inui to transform this aggressive girl with the killing voice into Japan’s number one idol.

Associated Names: あ い ま ね っ 〜 悪 魔 な 彼女 を プ ロ デ ュ ー ス 〜, 恶魔 偶像, ไอ มา เนะ แผน ปั้น ยั ย มาร ร้าย เป็น ไอ ด อ ล , Аймане – Как продвинуть демонессу , Aimane – How to Manage a Devil Girl , Akuma na Kanojo o
Sakurai Makoto
Genres: Supernatural, Ecchi, Comedy, Romance
Year: 2012
Status: N/A

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