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Ah! My goddess


While spending an evening alone, Keichi Morisato, a student, dials the wrong phone number and stumbles upon the “Divine SOS Friendship Desk” which reveals a beautiful young girl in front of him ready to grant one of his wishes! Disconcerted, Keichi manages the situation as best he can, imagining a joke, then launches out: what he wants is for a goddess like her to stay with him for life! Cataclysm in the room: a violent wind seems to shake everything … then it’s calm. The pretty goddess, named Belldandy, confirms to Keichi that his wish is granted. She will now follow him everywhere and share good and bad times with him. A dream come true which is not without consequences … Uld and Skuld, the two sisters of Belldandy,

Ah! My goddess
Associated Names: あ あ っ 女神 さ ま っ, 我 的 女神, โอ้ เทพธิดา , হে আমার দেবী !! , يا بلادي آلهة! , О! Моя богиня! , Ах! Моя Богиня! , Oh! Perendesha ime! , Oh! My Goddess , Oh! Dewi saya! , Oh! dewi , Oh, mia dea! , Oh, la meva deessa! , Oh mu jumalanna! , Oh Minha Deusa , Oh mijn godin!, Oh My Goddess! , Ah! Minha Deusa , Ah! Akong Diosa , Ah moja bogini , Ah Meine Göttin , Aa Megami-sama , ¡Oh, mi diosa! , 오! 나의 여신님
Fujishima Kosuke
Genres: Fantasy, Angels, School Life, Supernatural, Demons, Gods / Goddesses, Action, Slice of Life, Comedy, Magic, Adventure, Romance, Harem
Year: 1988
Status: 48 Completed

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