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A Match Made in Heaven (Huang Yan Ting)


Female Lead: Qiao Ren, attorney
Male Lead: Xiao Yang, homicide detective

Qiao Ren wants a simple life; work a stable job, eat yummy food, and catch a man who cooks yummy food. Xiao Yang has two life passions; solving crimes, and cooking.

One day, Qiao Ren texts her neighbor, Xiao Yang: “Detective, since our lives are heading in the same direction, us living together is an ideal situation.”

Xiao Yang mulls over Qiao Ren’s suggestion, and he replies: “I’m busy. Wait till your IQ is on par with an average person’s, then we’ll talk.”

A Match Made in Heaven (Huang Yan Ting)
Associated Names: 天生一对 (WN title), 时间暂停等到你 (LN title)
Huang Mang, Huang Yan Ting, Sunness, 黄芒
Genres: Mystery, Romance
Year: 2014
Status: 62

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