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Inu Yasha


Kagome, a 15-year-old Japanese girl, leads a peaceful life with her family near a temple in Tokyo until one day, falling into a well, she leaps back in time and finds herself in the Sengoku era in a Japan where monsters and evil spirits abound. She then meets Inu-Yasha, a hybrid being holding at the same time the human, the dog and the demon. This one is looking for the pearl of Shikon. Following adventures, the pearl of Shikon is exploded and Kagome finds himself in possession of one of its fragments … Kagome and Inu-Yasha will be forced to team up to find the missing parts of the pearl of Shikon. Ceaselessly oscillating between modern Japan and feudal Japan, the adventure can then begin!

Inu Yasha
Associated Names: 犬夜叉, A Feudal Fairy Tale, Sengoku Otogi Zōshi InuYasha, InuYasha, Инуяся, 이누야샤, Пёс-демон, อินุยาฉะ เทพอสูรจิ้งจอกเงิน
Takahashi Rumiko
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Supernatural, Demons, Action, Comedy, Adventure, History, Romance, History, Time Travel, Fantasy, Yokai, Time Travel
Year: 1997
Status: ongoing

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