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Ai Hime – Ai To Himegoto


The cherry trees are in bloom … They have met. They kissed. But destiny decided otherwise. The mysterious young man Mao met is in fact his uncle – although they are unrelated. Is she entitled to love him? Will their relationship be strong enough to challenge the standards imposed by today’s society?

Ai Hime – Ai To Himegoto
Associated Names: あ い ・ ひ め – 愛 と 秘 め ご と, 爱·秘密, 愛·秘密, あい·ひめ~愛と秘めごと~ , حب و أسرار , Любовный секрет , Lo nuestro no puede ser, tio , Bí Mat Tình Yêu , Ai Hime: Amore e Segreti , Ai Hime – Love and Secret , Ai Hime
Mitsuki Kako
Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Year: 2006
Status: Ongoing

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