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I’m an Adventurer! ~Musou Skill is Plane Magic~


A CG designer dies of illness and reincarnated in another world of swords and magic. He decides to live a second life as a free man, saying he doesn’t want to be a corporate employee anymore. But his reincarnation is at the bottom of society, the farthest thing from freedom, a s*ave’s child.

Nevertheless, he makes full use of the 3DCG-like magic he was accustomed to in his previous life, “Plane Magic”, and gradually becomes an adventurer. However, the environment surrounding him is gradually becoming more and more cynical, and soon the war between the great powers is turning into a war rage. He is caught up in a war that he did not want to be involved in…

I’m an Adventurer! ~Musou Skill is Plane Magic~
Associated Names: Ore, Boukensha! ~Musou Skill wa Heimen Mahou~, 俺、冒険者!~無双スキルは平面魔法~
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen
Year: 2016
Status: 226 Chapters (Ongoing)

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