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A Fairytale For The Demon Lord


Once upon a time there was a princess who fell under a curse. Countless knights came in vain to try to save the poor princess. They all failed, killed by a demon. When a knight finally manages to defeat him, an adventure begins that could never have been predicted …

A Fairytale For The Demon Lord
Associated Names: 마왕을위한 동화 -Der Erlkönig und der Ritter-, 마왕을위한 동화, قصة خيالية لملك الشياطين, Сказка для Дьявола, Un Cuento de Hadas para El Señor de Los Demonios, Picture Book for the Demon Lord, Pasaka Demonų Karaliui, İblis Lordu için bir Peri Masalı, Dongeng untuk Raja Iblis, Bajka dla króla demonów, A Tale for Satan, A Fairytale for the Demon Lord – Der Erlkönig und Der Ritter, The Demon Lord and the Knight
KIM Yong Hwan
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Action, Comedy, Romance, Tragedy, Sci-Fi, Psychology, Mechas, Webtoon
Year: 2011

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