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“Akatsuki”: disease capable of infecting any living being, transforming it into a monster and leading it to certain death. Only the doctor-warriors nicknamed “kiriishi” are able to heal the infected with the help of their “clave”, a special weapon. Hibiki and Kirisa have only been kiriishi for a month. And if Hibiki is a somewhat silly and gruff boy who claims to work only for money, Kirisa, on the other hand, acts for the good of the patients and is involved body and soul in her mission. The very different characters of these two completely opposed characters will be at the origin of many funny situations. Both will face various forms of akatsuki and will find themselves confronted with perilous situations, which will reveal Hibiki’s immeasurable rage against this disease, despite its apparent casualness …

Associated Names: AKATSUKI‐朱憑‐, 斬鬼怪醫, Акацуки, 斩鬼怪医
Koide Motoki
Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Action, Adventure
Year: 2009
Status: N/A

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