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4-gatsu, Sore wa…


There are twenty independent stories written by twenty different authors, sharing the common theme of “April”.

An anthology that is considered a rare item as it has never hit the shelves as a standalone book. There is no ISBN and it is an unbuyable except in online auctions. The anthology was published as a bonus gift to Dengeki Magazine readers in 2009.

4-gatsu, Sore wa…
Associated Names: 4月、それは──××××, April, it Is…, Shigatsu, Shigatsu, Sorewa…
AUTHORSFujiwara Yuu, Furuhashi Hideyuki, IRUMA Hitoma, Kabei Yukako, Kei Satou, Keiichi Jikusawa, Kougyoku Izuki, Minase Hazuki, Nakamura Erika, Rairaku Rei, Shibamura Jin, Souichirou Watase, Suzuki Suzu
Genres: Slice of Life
Year: 2009
Status: N/A

List of Chapters:

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