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Being Too Beautiful


Mo Xiang Wan mixes with the wrong crowd due to the lack of warmth in her broken family. She has never considered her one crazy encounter in her wild youth as a mistake. Instead she sees Fei Fei as an angel who comes to rescue her from her fallen lifestyle, provide love and support for her after her family desertion and accompany her when she is lonely and living an indifference life in the bright light big city of Shanghai. She takes 8 years to establish her career in a managerial position in the entertainment business and is also doing competently as a single mother. However her once calm life which has taken her a long time to rebuild, becomes turbulent again with the untimely appearance of Fei Fei’s father, Mo Bei. They do not have any kind of relationship before. If there is really a mistake in the past, the mistake is he is the guy who gave life to Fei Fei.

lame you Being Too Beautiful (We Are All Alone)
Associated Names: B怪你过分美丽
未再 Wei Zai (HE)
Genres: novel
Year: N/A
Status: completed

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