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Ben Miao Tang Tang Medical Doctor has become an abandoned concubine? !

A genius doctor of medicine traveled through the abandoned concubine Cheng Chu Wang, and she encountered a severely ill wounded person when she first arrived. She followed the medical ethics to treat, but was almost thrown to prison. The Supreme Emperor is critically ill. She tried to treat her, but was misunderstood and reprimanded by the hateful Poison King. Is it really hard for a good person to do? Even if this man stumbles her all day long, the most unbearable thing is that he even marries a side concubine to disgust her!

The Poison King said coldly: “Why can you make this king hate you? This king just hates you and feels disgusting at the first sight of you.” Yuan Qingling smiled and said: “Why don’t I dislike the prince? Everyone is a gentleman, don’t want to tear your face.” The poison king sneered: “Don’t think that if you are pregnant with this king’s child, this king will recognize you as a princess, drink this bowl of medicine, this king will kill you, don’t Prevent this king from marrying the second lady of the Chu family.” Yuan Qing continued with Lingmei, eyebrows curled up and said: “The prince really loves to laugh, you have you to marry, I have to marry with my children, no one will hinder anyone, when the time comes, we will put down full moon wine. I also invite the prince to come over for a drink of water and wine.”

Associated Names: 权宠天下
Genres: Ancient, Romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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