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Zodiac Witches: Juuni Seiza no Majo


St. Almagest Academy, which exists between reality and fantasy and is chosen by the constellations and attended by witches. There was a girl, Yukiha, who was selected as “Sagittarius”, one of the twelve constellations that stands at the top of the constellation while being a freshman. However, the familiar who protects her, who is touted as a genius, is Kimio, a boy with zero motivation, who says, “In other words,’I’m serious about tomorrow’?” “It’s a good word. Don’t even remember the impression.” It was. Someone’s witch attacks Yukiha in the face of a battle between witches in the 12 constellations. Can Kimio protect her husband !? The witches’ school magic battle that turns the brilliance of the stars into power has begun!

Zodiac Witches: Juuni Seiza no Majo
Associated Names: ゾディアック・ウィッチーズ 十二星座の魔女
Shumon Yuu
Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life
Year: 2013
Status: N/A

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