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Zero no Tsukaima SS: Tabitha’s Adventure


Hallucigenia, a different world where the two moons color the sky. There was a secret to Tabasa, a girl who attends Tristain Magic Academy. The position given to her by her native Gaul is a knight. Among them, he is a member of the “Knights of the Northern Flower Dan Guard” who perform missions in secret. For the purpose hidden in his chest, Tabasa goes on a mission with the familiar wind dragon, Sylpheed.

One day, the task given to Tabasa was to subdue the “indigenous people” in a village in Gaul. Tabasa headed for it, but apparently the conflict in the village wasn’t just a simple conflict with the “indigenous people”. The extra edition that depicts the activities of the mysterious girl Yukikaze Tabasa from the popular “Zero no Tsukaima” series is finally here.

Zero no Tsukaima SS: Tabitha’s Adventure
Associated Names: Zero no Tsukaima Gaiden: Tabatha no Bōken, タバサの冒険
Yamaguchi Noboru
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, School Life, Supernatural
Year: 2006
Status: N/A

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