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Akaboshi – Ibun Suikoden


China, 12th century, after relentless wars for power, the country has become a dictatorship where crooked politicians exploit the people and shamelessly enrich themselves. But little by little, a rumor begins to circulate in the street, that of an armed group which organizes the resistance around Taisou, says the shooting star, whose role is to bring together the 108 sacred stars, the elected officials who will liberate the people!

Akaboshi – Ibun Suikoden
Associated Names: AKABOSHI-異聞水滸伝-, Morning Star, Akaboshi – Thủy Hử Truyện, AKABOSHI – 异闻水浒传, AKABOSHI ตำนาน 108 วีรบุรุษ, Утренняя звезда, アカボシ·いぶん すいこでん, アカボシ, 赤星异闻水浒传, نجمة الصباح
Amano Youichi
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Super Powers, Historical, Martial Arts
Year: 2009
Status: N/A

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