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Fifteen year old teenager, Ichigo Kurosaki has a particular gift: that of seeing spirits. One day, he crosses paths with a beautiful Shinigami (a spiritual being) chasing a “lost soul”, an evil spirit that haunts our world and cannot find rest. Plagued by her enemy, the young girl decides to lend part of her powers to Ichigo, but the latter ultimately inherits all the power of the Shinigami. Forced to assume his new status, Ichigo will have to manage his two lives: that of an ordinary high school student, and that of a demon hunter …

Associated Names: ブ リ ー チ, Блич , 死神, เทพ มรณะ , 블리치 , Bleach – Dewa Maut , بلیچ , Bleach – Sứ mạng thần chết , بليتش , Wybielacz
Tite Kubo
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Supernatural, Demons, Action, Horror, Comedy, Powers, Adventure, Friendship, Fighting, Super Powers, Ghosts, Shinigami, Spirit, Hunter, Martial Arts
Year: 2001
Status: 686 completed

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