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Doupo Cangqiong


In a land where there is no magic. In a land where the strong dictate the laws and the weak obey. A land full of magnificent treasures and beauty as well as unforeseen dangers. Xiao Yan, who has shown talents unseen in decades, suddenly lost everything three years ago, his powers, his reputation, and the promise made to his mother. What sorcery made him lose all his powers? And why does she suddenly appear?

Doupo Cangqiong
Associated Names: 斗 破 苍穹, Dou Po Cang Qiong , BTTH , Đấu Phá Thương Khung , معركة عبر السماوات , Fights Break Sphere , Battle Through The Heavens
Tian Can Tu Dou
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Magic, Adventure, Fighting, Romance, Harem, Isekai, Learning, Martial Arts, Webcomic
Year: 2012
Status: ongoing

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