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Dr. Stone


As he was about to confess his feelings to Yuzuhira, Taiju and the rest of humanity were mysteriously turned to stone. Several thousand years later, our hero manages to break his cocoon of rock. In this unknown and wild world, Taiju finds his beloved still stranded as a statue. To remedy this, the young high school student goes in search of an explanation. It was without counting on the support of his best friend, Tenkuu, a prodigy of physics and chemistry. Together, will they succeed in unraveling the mystery of this curious event?

Dr. Stone
Associated Names: ド ク タ ー ス ト ー ン, Dr. Pedra , Dr. Batu , Dr. Roca , Doktor Taş , Доктор Стоун
Inagaki Riichiro
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Post-Apocalyptic, Action, Adventure, Super Powers, Sci-Fi, Scientific, Time Travel
Year: 2017
Status: ongoing

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