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Hajime No Ippo


Ippo Makunouchi, a shy high school student, is used to being bullied by the bosses at his school. Moreover, the young man, who spends all his free time helping his mother, hardly has time to make friends. But he does not yet know that a prestigious destiny awaits him; while he is once again martyred by Amezawa’s gang, Takamura, a great Japanese boxer comes to his aid.

He admires his savior and his fighting skills. After viewing a K7 and passing Takamura’s test with flying colors he will enter the Kamogawa Boxing Club. To everyone’s surprise he will stand up to one of the boxing club’s geniuses, which will attract the attention of the club’s coach. We will discover in this adventure the rise of the young IPPO to the highest level …

Hajime No Ippo
Associated Names: は じ め の 一 歩, Primul Pas , ก้าว แรก สู่ สังเวียน , Первый шаг. Дух борьбы , Knockout , Ippo, the rage to win , HnI , Hajime no Ippo. The Fighting! , Fighting Spirit , Fight Ippo !! , The First Step , Первый шаг! , 第一 神拳, Ippo , Espíritu de Lucha
Morikawa George
Genres: Drama, Action, Sport, Comedy, Tournaments, Friendship, Martial Arts, Humor, Boxing
Year: 1990
Status: ongoing

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