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07 Ghost


Over a thousand years ago, the world was divided into two powerful countries of equal strength: the Barsburg Empire, under the divine protection of the Eye of the god Raphael, and the Raggs kingdom, protected by the Eye of the god Michael. When Raggs was devastated by Barsburg’s prodigious power, the fate of the world shifted, along with that of Teito Klein, a young orphan boy who mysteriously has no memory of his past …

07 Ghost
Associated Names: セブンゴースト, Siete Fantasmas#&-Fantasmas, هفت شبح, الشبح07, Yedi Hayalet, Seven Ghost, Sebun Gousuto, Seven Ghosts, Siete Fantasm#&ผี#&-Призрак, 七鬼神, 神幻拍挡, 세븐 고스트, Pitong – Multo, 07-Fantômes
Amemiya Yuki
Genres: Fantastique, Drame, Mystère, Surnaturel, Démons, Action, Militaire, Comédie, Magie, Aventure, Religion
Year: 2005
Status: Completed

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