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100% Doubt


In the coworker’s cursed days, Ai Maekawa was a “Jimmy”, in other words a girl hardly recognizable as a girl. Extra pounds, acne, cheesy hairstyle, no makeup and especially old-fashioned clothes, grandmother’s panties … In short, someone who doesn’t take care of herself, who feels her heart beat when a boy approaches and who doesn’t. no longer knows where to put himself when we speak to him. And of course, unable to retaliate if attacked, and far too naive to see anything other than its pitiful reality. A dark threat hangs over the Jimmys, a curse that haunts Ai so many times: stay a virgin until she is thirty!

Out of the question for her to let her do it without doing anything, so for high school she is taking great steps. Establishment where no one knows her, diet, exaggerated spending on beauty products and now she becomes a superb young girl, superficial to wishes and totally improved by the expectations of society. Here she is finally admired by all, the boys look at her with envy and she … she falls in love with SΓ΄ Ichinose, the most popular boy in school, the most beautiful, the most … strange. But will Ai manage to cover up her dark past?

100% Doubt
Associated Names: ダ ウ γƒˆ !!, ηΎŽηœ‰η™Ύεˆ†η™Ύ, ηˆ±ηš„η–‘ζƒ‘, The Day of Finals
Izumi Kaneyoshi
Genres: Drama, School Life, Slice Of Life, Comedy, Romance
Year: 2000
Status: 6 Completed

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