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103rd Fighter Squadron


Second Lieutenant Matsumoto, Imperial Japanese Army fighter pilot, confronts the Allied Air Force aboard his Kawasaki Ki-61 “Hien” (Tony) over the Solomons, New Guinea and the Philippines. Faced with opponents, always outnumbered, he survives fierce battles thanks to his intelligence as well as the help of the squadron leader Ozawa and his mechanic Hino. His last mission will be to escort Kamikaze planes off the Philippines …

103rd Fighter Squadron
Associated Names: 103ème Escadrille De Chasse, 飛燕 独立 戦 闘 隊, Hien dokuritsu sentoutai – 103rd. Indep. F. Co.
Takizawa Seihoo
Genres: Drama, Historical
Year: 2013
Status: completed

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