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1-nen A-gumi No Monster


In a private high school for young girls, there is a class deemed unmanageable, its students include harassers and other blackmailers whose specialty is to get their head teacher fired in less than a week. The school’s teachers call them “The Monster Class” because although annoying and out of control, these young girls are too influential, either through family or work, to be kicked out so easily. It is in this desperate situation that the administration hires Jimi Tarou, a professor with several specialties (maths, physics, and other scientific subjects) but also extremely banal in appearance. This much too common teacher will have to solve the problem of this class and give them back the taste for learning,

1-nen A-gumi No Monster
Associated Names: 1 年 A 組 の モ ン ス タ ー, 1 학년 A 반의 몬스터, St grade, class A of monster
Genres: Psychological, Comedy, School, Romance, Slice Of Life
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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