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3 Gatsu No Lion


Life story of Kiriyama Rei, former Shogi player with an excellent level, who apart from that has nothing at all. Or at least he seems to believe it. It is up to him to discover with the passage of time what is precious and that what forms his daily life is not that inexistent.

3 Gatsu No Lion
Associated Names: 3 月 の ラ イ オ ン ,Un marzo da leoni , The Lion of March , ตราบวันฟ้าใส , 三月 的 狮子, March comes in like a lion , Sangatsu no Lion , El león de marzo , Leão de Março , März kommt in wie ein Löwe , Março vem como um leão , Maret Datang Seperti Singa , Sư Tử Tháng 3 , Мартовский лев , يَحٍلُ مارس كالأسد
Chica Umino
Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy, Social, Chess, Game, Shogi, Family, Harassment, Daily
Year: 2007
Status: ongoing

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