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3X3 Eyes


Yakumo Fuji, a young high school student one day receives a visit from a young Tibetan named Paï. She brings her a letter from her father, a well-known ethnologist: Hajimme Fuji, who disappeared in Tibet during one of his missions, in which he explains that the young girl is in fact a Sanjiyan Unkara, immortal beings with 3 eyes, of which Paï would be the only survivor and whose wish is to become human. Wish that Hajime asked his son to perform in his stead, the dying son could not perform.

If at first Yakumo does not believe Paï’s letter or affirmations, he will change his mind following the attack on Takuhi, a giant bird with a human head who will kill him. But Paï will use his powers to save him by transforming him into Wu: an immortal guardian of the Sanjiyan Unkara. Thus begins a long journey which will bring the two heroes across the world. A path where increasingly strong enemies will rise up.

3X3 Eyes
Associated Names: サ ザ ン ア イ ズ, Cô Bé Ba Mắt , 三 隻 眼, 三 只 眼, สาวน้อยสามตา , Sazan Quest , Sazan Aizu , Sazan eyes
Takada Yuuzou
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Mature, Supernatural, Action, Horror, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Martial Arts
Year: 1987
Status: completed

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