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4 Slap Heads Cartoon


Our four disaster heroes will go back to their childhood thanks to a reunion of former primary school students. Already, at the time, they had a diaper of it, even if they had the vague excuse of being only 9 years old. As one can imagine, the reunion with their former classmates will not be easy. As if that wasn’t enough, Anibal’s grandfather, still firmly convinced that his grandson and his friends are gay, steps up to denounce the wrongful dismissal of a gay doctor who saved his life. Obviously, he wants to involve our four “heroes” who will try by all means to escape.

4 Slap Heads Cartoon
Associated Names: Bande Dessinée 4 Têtes À Claques
Garcia Valderaena, Alejo, Garcia Zecchin, Feliciano
Genres: Humor
Year: 2002
Status: ongoing

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