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5 Minutes Forward


Yamato is a high school student who leads an ordinary life. One day, a mysterious clairvoyant gives him a strange bracelet that allows him to go into the future and then return to the present. However, it can only be used once and you cannot know when in the future you will land. Yamato then finds himself thrown into a future where statues of bloodthirsty Buddhas are slaughtering humans. The world has completely changed! As he prepares to return to the present, he realizes that this “future” has to happen only 5 minutes after the moment he’s gone!

5 Minutes Forward
Associated Names: 5 分 後 の 世界, Мир через пять минут , The World After … , The World After 5 Minutes , Gopun Ato no Sekai , Gobun Ato no Sekai , Gofun-go no Sekai , After the .. , 5- fungo no Sekai , After the Five Minutes , Go fungo no sekai
Fukuda Hiroshi
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural, Action, Horror, Gore, Magic, Adventure, Friendship, Monsters, Future, Post-apocalypse, Survival, Time Travel
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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