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Somewhere in the Philippine Sea, a huge submarine complex called “Cofdeece” lies 6000 meters deep. The result of a tense collaboration between a Japanese company and its Chinese partner, this infrastructure was once the scene of a very serious accident which decimated all its occupants at the time. Three years after this tragedy, Kengo Kadokura, a somewhat apathetic young engineer, is brought down into the abyss to prepare for the reopening of the station, even though the cause of the accident still remains unexplained. But very quickly, Kengo will be confronted with visions of horror, then with the unimaginable …

Associated Names: 6000― ロ ク セ ン – , 6000 – The Deep Sea of ​​Madness , 6000 Rokusen , Rokusen
Koike Nokuto
Genres: Suspense, Drama, Mature, Mystery, Supernatural, Gods / Goddesses, Action, Horror, Adventure, Tragedy, Monsters, Psychology, Maritime
Year: 2010
Status: ongoing

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