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Cartoon 3 Virgins


Three women of thirty years each, a black, a captain, a white, an astrophysicist, an Asian, a doctor, are in a spaceship in search of another spaceship named Jupiter 4. This one, gone a few years ago, probably disappeared around Jupiter and its three moons. Given the length of the journey, their mission could last more than 50 years. Every night, they are powered by their personal computer which contains, among other things, a product that delays the aging of cells.

In this tense camera where feelings are heightened, the girls come to hate each other and fight … The young white woman is hurt. But her symptoms are not what you would expect from a concussion. She is vomiting, of course, but her belly is growing … She is pregnant … The duration of the trip makes it impossible to think that the conception could have been made before the departure, it was more than five years ago … So, during the trip? But from whom? Who is the Creator? …

Cartoon 3 Virgins
Associated Names: Bande Dessinée 3 Vierges
Sylaire, Boccar, Jeanlouis
Genres: Science-fiction
Year: 2003
Status: completed

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