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A. – Answer


16-year-old high school student Mitsu Chikusa lost her memory after a serious fall on the stairs of her school. At least, that’s what he was told. She learns that she also has a boyfriend named Hideto Hongou. But despite her difficulties in recognizing her friends, she tries somehow to fit in again. Shortly after her new life, she stumbles upon a piece of paper she wrote before her accident which says that in reality she is in love with “A.” But who is he? Her childhood friend Akashi Kurokawa Does she call her Acchan or her chemistry teacher, Akaike?

A. – Answer
Associated Names: A. 【ア ン サ ー】, أ. الاجابة , Nemureru Shishi ni Ai no Koe , A. , A. – Aноним
Hoshikawa Hachi
Genres: Drama, Mystery, School Life, School, Romance
Year: 2015
Status: Completed

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