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Above The Cloud Sea


Neil our protagonist loves every day go preached what his father had seen above the sea of ​​clouds. No one believed this to be true, and everyone said that his father was a liar who would cheat people to become famous. In order to prove that his father was not lying, Neil resolved to break the obstruction of the sea of ​​cloud and find out the truth! During his trip, he discovered that the existence of the Sea of ​​Cloud was actually a huge conspiracy imagined by Genians. In the company of Phoebe, a young girl from Genians, they go to the north pole to destroy the generator which creates this sea of ​​clouds.

Above The Cloud Sea
Associated Names: 云海 之上, فوق غيمة البحر , Yúnhǎi zhī shàng , 云海 之上, Up To The Sky
North Lane
Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Year: 2016
Status: ongoing

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